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How This Woman Is Ridding India Of Diabetes

Dr.Nandita Shah is a Homeopath and Vegan who is healing thousands of Indians through food. She tells me about the top 3 food myths India has subscribed to, the repercussions of these and our fast-paced lifestyles, and how she heals through food.

Dr.Nandita Shah is the founder of a SHARAN, a non-profit that educates people on health and food.

This video was produced by Red Bangle.

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  • Bindi

    Hi, my Dad is suffering through type 2 diabetes, he got diabetes due to stress, it was not hereditary and my dad is not overweight. His diet is strict vegetarian and my dad consumes very less ghee or oil. Could you recommend some diet or medication of how it can get cured for forever. Thanks a lot.

  • Arun

    Your dad should stop eating all ghee and oil. And dairy. I speak from experience. My husband is now diabetes free after being on this diet for a year.

    • Dr Kalpana K

      There is nothing like ‘diabetes free’ once you are diagnosed with diabetes. It can only be controlled welll and not cured. If a so called cured diabetic eats sugar or high carb food his sugar will still go up.So please do not perpetrate wrong ideas saying diabetes can be cured.

      • Sai Prasad

        Sorry Doctor…I disagree with you. Diabetes is a condition where the functioning of the Pancreas has drastically diminished. Research is going on to make the same pancreas work again or do an organ transplant. If this succeeds, Diabetes CAN BE CURED. Yes, as on today, it can only be managed.

      • Aarthi

        Diabetes can be cured. I know enough people who are living proof of the fact. You just need to face the fact that the cure is not in the allopathic form of medicine which only manages symptoms but offers no solutions for most chronic ailments. Alternative forms of medicine are 1000’s of years old and heal the body from the inside.
        As far as dairy is concerned, does it not seem odd to you that humans seem to be the only species on the planet that consumes milk beyond infancy and that too of another species!!!

      • Vishal

        I beg to differ Dr.Kalpana , please see the reserch and results of reversing diabetese by Newcastle Uni of UK . They have done it in a controlled group.

      • Actually Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed and this has been scientifically proven. Look up the research by Dr Neal Barnard. High blood sugar is not the cause of Type 2 Diabetes, but a symptom. It is caused by an excessive amount of intramyocellular lipid which causes insulin resistance.

      • Jass

        Google “the Diabetes Solution” by Dr Richard Bernstein – the vegan diet prescribed here is just not a practical solution to controlling diabetes.

      • Jyoti

        U doctors plz stop scaring ppl. With proper exercise n proper diet, one can reverse diabetes. So plz keep ur half knowledge wid u. Ppl have reversed it.

  • Sanjay

    Your dad should stop eating all ghee and oil. And dairy. I speak from experience. My husband is now diabetes free after being on this diet for a year. Is this possible really if so why has it not been adopted by others all over the world???


      SANJAY why it is not adopted all over the world is because of the strong Dairy and Meat Lobby which spends multi billion dollars propagating their products. . There is enough research which shows how Animal Products including Milk and Refined Food are direct cause of not only Diabetes but the other two biggies Heart Disease and Cancer. Suggest you read the research report called The China Study by Colin Campbell.

  • As per Ayurveda ; food plays important role in managing Madhumeha (Diabetes). Madhumeha is aggravated form of Prameha. Ayurveda classified 21 types of Prameha according to disorder of Vata, Pitta & Kapha. Pterocarpus Marsupium is most appreciated herb used for controlling blood sugar according to ayurveda. (Source : )

    • Milan Mehta

      Well said, Neeta. Indigestion due to wrong type of foods, combination & timing of foods also leads to various diseases including Diabetes. Satiating energy requirement by Sugar shots in form of Sweets, Corn syrup based drinks, etc..makes the sugar levels in blood go haywire leading to overwork by Pancreas by regulating the level with help of insulin, eventually leading to entire collapse of sugar control.

  • anita

    my dad is also suffering from type2 diabeties kindly suggest me what can I do for him

  • Poonam

    I have pcods and weight issue…please help…Thanks

  • back

    Diabetes is a journey that has more than a billion paths to arrive at and a couple of thousand ways to get rid of it. This woman may be telling the truth but fact is, India is ridden with so much GMO foods and even Modi sir who was supposed to protect us from that food had sold us over by okaying GMO Seeds. Diabetes requires constant consumption of low glycemic foods, aggressive exercise regimen filled with HIIT, Greens and Green juices and no diabetic medicine. Yes. if you take diabetic medicine,you will never get out of the loop.

  • francis

    I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and i am overweight by 40lbs. I need all the help i can get please and thanks.


      Your body weight for the rest of your life has to remain constant at the level when you were 17 or 18 years old.
      If you do not reduce your body weight quickly, nothing else will help you.

  • laks

    Do you have any solutions for irritable bowel syndrom ewith diarrhoea ? If so please let me know

    • Visa

      I used to have it! Take an inch of fresh organic ginger (shaved) and local honey with morning tea! Avoid stress, dairy and oily food. I don’t touch boxed Indian sweets! Drink lot of purified water. Eat only freshly cooked food ( kept no more than 24 hours) Replace bread, rice with Kinwaah! Exercise to stay fit. Good luck.

  • benny

    Where can we contact Dr. Nandita Shah for enquiries regarding her workshops.

  • Maria

    What is a good substitute for dairy when making chai?? Have become vegan but miss my chai.

  • Kiri

    Hi I am female a type two dietetic and 50kgs over weight but I have lost 195kgs over six years. My issue is I hate food and would really like some advice on what I should be eating to get rid of diabetes etc. thank you

  • Niloufer

    Maria, tea should never be consumed with milk. Tea has antioxidants and milk negates the benefits. Also classically it’s sacrilegious for tea to be milky!!! Try some of the more interesting teas like white, golden tips, or orange pekoe to name a few.

  • Janaki

    Just practice good exercise ..the best is yoga



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