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No, I won’t let the idiot box kill my Vlog!

When you start watching TV, you stop writing. Period.

When you start watching TV, you stop listening to as many audio books as you used to. That’s so bad, right?

And when you stop vlogging, you watch even more TV. Bah!

Yep, there was tons of Netflix hours in my life in 2016. So, let me change that this year. Note to self in big bold scary letters to
W R I T E M O R E   &  V L O G    M O R E ! ! !


Television is “poisonous to creativity,” said Stephen King.
Instead, “you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”

No more TV

So, here’s the other side of this very ordinary, mortal, confessional and somewhat self-critical story: I thoroughly enjoyed all my evenings spent lazing in front of the TV as a single girl, curled up on the sofa with my feet wrapped in a blanket, a drink in hand, a soft cusion on my lap and a plate full of good food resting on top of that, getting annoyed at receiving any phone calls, soaking in the comforts of my living room and the vibrant colours spewed from my 35” screen, and giving my brain enough time to not work at all (did I just write that last bit!?). Yes, I did. And it felt normal to talk to my sister and my friends the next day about what I watched and what I thought of it. Yep, that’s the shit that perfectly normal people do. But here I am, feeling guilty.

You see, I grew up with the very strong belief – that has drawn enough flack from friends from all walks of life and all through my life – that watching TV was a bloody waste of time and that one could do so many more useful things with those hours spent in front of the idiot box. And that was true until I gave in one day to ‘Narcos’ and I have since watched several series on Netflix. Narcos was totally worth it, the rest were not so worth it. A couple of them were actually educational for me as a filmmaker (Narcos and Chef’s Table were the most inspiring in this regard), the rest were pure brainless shitty formula-based entertainment that get you hooked even when you are oh so aware that you are getting hooked. And these ones always have a scandal, and a plot around that scandal, and a new plot in every new episode that may not relate to that scandal. Haven’t you seen Suits, White Collar, The Good Wife, Scandal… yep, all of them! Same formula. Thankfully they haven’t recycled the actors yet.

Oh dear God, when will we stop loving watching complex human behavior so much! Well, it’s taken me about a year to get around to saying ‘stop’. At one point I was even staying up regularly till 2AM, skipping gym the next morning, dragging my ass to work at 10AM and working till 8PM by which time I could not wait to connect to Netflix again. So, there, confession made. No more Netflix. I am killing the subscription right now and until I know I can manage the beast’s afflictions better.

Now, for taking a gentler approach to myself: it’s been 6 years since I started vlogging and blogging, and you know, at some point, I guess I needed a break from working 14 hours a day almost every single day. And the second half of 2016 just became that break without it really intending to be. I think I just hit that point where I needed to slow down to reboot and then start the run again in hopefully a much more confident and comfortable way. Not that I was working any less last year, but it was a break nevertheless from these two passionate interests. So, what did I do while I lay quiet in the vlog and blog ‘ospheres’?

I raised a round of angel funding for my business, found a co-founder, set up a studio space and an office and doubled business revenues from 2015-16. Yep. And I did all that with one employee. Today, I have already hired two more staff and I am in the middle of hiring 5 more people, gearing up for the next awesome financial year. So, I guess I haven’t been a complete bum, but I do terribly miss vlogging, blogging, listening to a lot of books and being a super efficient geek. So, I have to find a way to get back to it without burning myself out in trying to do everything.

As I write this today, research is underway and in full swing to design a new format for my talk show. This is exciting! And I hope to publish 11 episodes this year and a bunch of videos in the Life Lessons series too.

Soon, I will be sharing awesome pictures of the awesome new office and studio too!

Look out folks! Here comes the geeky super girl with 5 times more power than before! 😉

PS: I think getting into work at 8AM before everyone else does is a great idea if you want to write blogs! 😀

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