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Network Trailblazer, 21st April, 2014

Network Trailblazer: a conversation with Lakshmi Rebecca

By Prasanto Kumar Roy for The Network CISCO’s Technology News Site, on 21st April, 2014

Network Trailblazer

The host of India’s popular online chat show, Chai with Lakshmi, talks about technology and her focus on “people making a difference.”

She’s the face behind Chai with Lakshmi, an online chat show about people and ideas shaping India for the future. Former model, marketing consultant and social worker Lakshmi Rebecca started the show in 2011, at age 30. Since then, her show has had over 110 ‘webisodes’ and 2.8 million views, mostly from within India, and has won several awards.

This girl from Hyderabad grew up in Chennai, studied and worked in the UK, and moved to Bangalore in 2009, where she and her boutique film-production firm Red Bangle are now based. She tells her story to Prasanto K Roy.

Read the interview here.

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