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Date Me for a Cause this February

#datewithacause this #ValentinesDay

So, I’m single and I’m loving it. But all this hoo haa about Valentine’s Day and romantic dinners made me have this ‘Ahaa!’ moment today. Why don’t I auction lunch and dinner dates with me and give the proceeds to a non-profit of my choice? Sounds crazy? Sounds good? Both! So, here’s how this is going to work and I’m serious, I’ll be there, dressed up and ready to chat with the highest bidder for #datewithacause.

Date for a cause pink and Grey

Pick a Date:

You pick a date between today and the end of February, 2015, choose between lunch and dinner.

Bidding starts at: 15k for lunch, and 25k for dinner

Bidding open until: 25th February, 2015

Send in your Bid: Email your bid, link to a public profile of yours, mobile number and preferred date and meal to

Location of Date: Bangalore

Venue for Lunch / Dinner:
BBQ dinner at the beautiful Soma Vineyards in Bangalore / Lunch at the serene Infinitea Tea Room and Cafe.
Other options available on request.

Dates available: until end of February

Cause: Educating Women and Children on Menstrual Health and Hygiene. Non-profit in focus: Mythri Speaks. Watch the video below to find out more about the work at Mythri and the importance of their efforts.

Come, let’s #DateforaCause


– Although I am straight, I am open to bids coming in from the same gender too. After all this is going to be a lovely conversation between two strangers in a public venue. What a great way to start a friendship!
– Duration of each date: up to 90 minutes
– Misbehaviour of any sort will NOT be tolerated.

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