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Lakshmi Rebecca

I am an anchor, filmmaker, entrepreneur and blogger. In other words a pretty woman with brains, confidence, creativity and lot of tenacity. :) Read on and you’ll understand why.

I am the Founder of a production studio and media tech startup  The Red Bangle Film Collaborative. Here my team and I are attempting to build a scalable film production platform and have already made over 200 videos for clients ranging from Microsoft to KPIT in India and abroad.

My award-winning talk show brings you candid conversations with individuals and celebrities who are inspiring change. The show has over 130 episodes and millions of views on Youtube.

I hold a postgraduate degree in International Marketing from Sheffield Business School, UK and a Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK. But other than these seemingly usual qualifications… my life journey has been rather exciting. I tried a new religion at 15, left home at 18 to do full time social work, managed a free meals programme for 300 people at the age of 19, started riding motorbikes at 20, started contributing by way of social research to documentary films for BBC and Discovery at 23, and became a ramp model at 24. Entrepreneurship is just something I stumbled upon at 30 and soon realised this was the only professional path that truly really made sense for me. I’ve been chipping away at this endless mine of diamonds for 6 years now and truly enjoy every day of discovery.

I’ve been blogging and video blogging for over a decade in different avatars, and today have a steady fan base that I am very engaged with. I hope to someday write a book.

My various professional pursuits – Anchoring, Blogging, Film Production and Entrepreneurship – all seem to fuse, integrate and beautifully overlap to make me better and better at everything I do each day. The cross-learning and pollination of ideas is very refreshing.

Since mid of last year I have also been the brand ambassador for Vaya, a lifestyle startup that makes amazing everyday products such as the tyffyn. I love the quality of Vaya’s first product and am excited about collaborating with them online and offline.

I love audio books, walkathons, dancing, motorbiking, long-distance driving, boardgames and travel. And I am passionate about media that inspires progress.

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To book me for a talk, video or event, please use this contact form. For everything else, write me a comment!