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13 Great Examples of Inclusive Indian Businesses

13 Inclusive Business Models Featured

A couple of years ago I started nurturing the idea of making documentary films on Indian social enterprises and inclusive pursuits. I could take these films to international platforms and feed them as case studies into our higher education system. Today, I learnt that episodes from my talk show are already being used by a Dean at IIM Bangalore as part of course material on Inclusive Business Models. Thrilled, am I not!

Drawing inspiration from the Dean, here is a playlist that showcases 13 great examples of Inclusive Business Models. (You can watch and share this playlist from Youtube too!)

1. The Myth About Urban Indian Slums

Taking a step in the direction of inclusion and development of such urban slum communities, is a small team from Australia, Pollinate Energy. They are creating affordable products for lighting and electricity in the urban Indian slum. Soon, they hope to create products for sanitation and cooking too.

2. How Technology is Helping Small Indian Farmers

India is the world’s 3rd largest manufacturer of tractors, yet 80% of Indian farmers don’t use mechanisation to boost productivity. But here’s a business that is designing and manufacturing low-cost mechanisation options for  small farmers.

3. Speaking the Unspeakable Truths about Menstruation

Aditi, a User Experience Designer and Tuhin, an Animator, have created a comprehensive website, blog and a comic book to speak the unspeakable truths about menstruation. They call it Menstrupedia.

4. Rural India gets safe Drinking Water at just 30 Paisa per Litre

Did you know that close to half of India does not have access to safe drinking water? But wait, they are providing it in rural India at just 30 paisa per litre! Watch this, it’s brilliant work!

5. How a Couple is Colouring your Tees Naturally

You’ll be surprised to know just how much water is contaminated in the process of dyeing just one t shirt. But now there’s a respite for our fresh water sources from contamination by the textile industry, thanks to one couple who will colour your life naturally!

6. How GIS Mapping could End Corruption in India

Meet the young techie from Mumbai who is using GIS Mapping in a promising path towards curbing corruption! His solutions track food supply, waste management, development of infrastructure projects and more in the state of Maharashtra. And this is just the beginning!

7. How a Dial-an-Auto Service Improves Lives of Indian Auto Drivers

23 crore trips a day: that’s the number of trips auto drivers make in India. Yet, this large population is part of the unorganised economy: without stable income, healthcare, insurance and with associated socio-cultural problems such as debt and substance abuse. And most of us commuters are unhappy about the haggling, the extra 20 bucks demanded and the round-about routes taken. But all this could change in Chennai – thanks to Auto Raja!

8. The Woman Who is Leading India’s Youth into Governance

How can India include its educated youth in Governance? How can it engage young professionals with today’s leaders? Can it prepare it’s youth to be informed leaders of tomorrow? Well, these are the questions that Rwitwika Bhattacharya is attempting to answer at Swaniti Intitiative.

9. How SMSes are Revolutionising India’s Public Water Supply

You turn on the tap, and water gushes out. Every single time. Does that mean you have 24/7 water supply? No! So, what about the large majority that has to wait on water supply all the time in order to collect and store for their daily water needs? Here’s an SMS service that will kill the wait at the tap and alert them about water supply times!

10. The Man who is taking Healthcare to the Remotest Villages of India

It’s true that a villager pays more for a consultation with a doctor than his city-counterpart! Why? Well, add the cost of the 20km walk, the cost of loss of earnings of the day, the price of staying in the city when treatment is needed, and the cost of the relative coming with the patient to support any treatment needed. There, my friend, is the real cost. But behold, a new revolution has begun with the aid of some clever technology.

11. Why Intellectual Disability Needn’t Mean Social Exclusion

One woman’s efforts to understand the intellectually-challenged led to the forming of an org. that trains and employs hundreds of them! She’s giving identities to so many. She’s inspiring.

12. How a Couple is Making India More Disability Friendly
To them, disability isn’t the problem – the lack of solutions is. At, EnAble India, they are creating teams and technology that will enable people with disabilities!

13. CISCO Takes World Class Learning to Rural Indian Schools
Here’s a brilliant attempt at ridding rural India of its abysmally low student-teacher ratio. At the cost of Rs. 50 per child per month, CISCO has developed technology that connects urban teachers to rural students!

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